School Supply Drive

comic-styled explosion with the word 'hero' in the middle

In an effort to honor our teachers, and give back to the local communities, we are proud to partner with local schools to honor deserving teachers and sponsor a supply drive from now through August 12, 2022 to help fill their classrooms.

If there was a uniform for teachers, it would be a superhero suit. Not only do they educate countless children, but they help mold young people who become future leaders and pillars of the community. Being a teacher and dawning the superhero cape goes way beyond reading, writing and arithmetic. It requires emotional courage and empathy to advocate for every student.

Far too often, teachers make personal sacrifices to purchase basic supplies with their own money. Our goal is to collect 5,000 much needed items for the classroom, including sanitizing wipes, whiteboard markers, pencils, paper, and so much more. We’d also like to honor a few teachers with a gift card as a way to show our appreciation for all they do.

If you would like to contribute to our drive, you can drop off items at one of our dental or orthodontic practices. You can also nominate a favorite school to receive the donations or an extra-special teacher to receive a $100 gift card. 

Together we can do more so as a thank you to those who participate in the drive each Simply Dental Management location will raffle off a $50 Target gift card.

Superhero Teacher and School Nomination